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activity_wearit_iconAt last, calorie burn tracking optimized by heart rate.

SYNC Fitness Bands are innovative products that more accurately capture your truer calorie burn by uniquely combining your heart rate measurement and your intensity of movement. In addition to knowing how many calories you burn 24 hours a day, SYNC captures your steps taken and distance traveled to give a comprehensive view of your all day movements.




products_bluetooth_icon_v2Sync your data.

Due to recent updates on iOS & Android operating systems, to receive App support for SYNC products please download the WeGo App for the Sync Active and Sync Elite and the LifeTrak Health and Fitness App for the Sync Burn. These Apps can be found on your iOS or Android App store. Please contact SYNC Customer Support at: 1-866-694-4575 with any questions, comments, or support assistance needed.




activity_trackit_iconTrack your progress.

After your data is quickly synced, your daily activities are ready to view, analyze and share. SYNC Fitness Bands enable you to be part of an extensive community where everyone can encourage, challenge and inspire each other.



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